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How to Prepare for, Hire, and Manage a Kick Ass Virtual Assistant

A Guide for Small Businesses

This guide is meant to help anyone who is pulling their hair out, overwhelmed, or who just needs that one thing taken off their plate. You know that thing that is always there and never gets done because you never have the time? Yeah, that one. We’re going to find someone to help you with that. It’s going to be life changing.

  • Introduction
  • Believing You Can Hire Someone

    The mere thought of what it takes to hire someone leads many entrepreneurs into the ‘I can do it all’ trap. Inevitably, they come out the other side overworked, stressed to the breaking point, and in need of a good year or two off. “If I only had help,” they think, and the cycle begins again. We are here to break that cycle my friends!

  • Creating a Kick Ass Ad

    We’ve come a long way in a short time! You have created a task list, estimated your need, and settled on a budget — now let’s hire you a kick ass assistant!

  • Where to Find Someone

    With your ad in hand, you now need it in front of your potential hires. Finding out where these fine folk are, is the next step in your journey.

  • How to Properly Vet Applications

    Your ad is posted, applicants are interested, but how do you choose who is right for you? How do you guarantee that you are hiring someone that will stick with you?

  • Pre-interview Contact

    You have now vetted your applicants and narrowed down the field — congratulations, you are ready to interview!

  • Interview Questions

    While you are reaching out to your applicants for an interview, you should also be preparing your interview questions. Though you can ask some spontaneous questions or follow-ups, you should have a list of overall guiding questions prepared — 10 is typically a great number to shoot for.

  • Conducting an Interview

    With your interview questions in hand and your applicants scheduled in, you are ready to conduct your interviews!

  • Testing Your Applicants

    The interviews are over, you have met a lot of amazing people, and have a good idea of who you want to hire – the process is done, right? Not quite.

  • Making a Final Decision

    It’s nearly that time! You’ve done a lot of work to get to this point and you will soon be on your way to a great relationship with an amazing Virtual Assistant!

  • Post-interview Contact

    Yes! This is the moment you have been waiting for and all your hard work has paid off! You have found your person and it is time to let them know!

  • Contracts and Agreements

    Ensuring there is a contract between you and your Virtual Assistant is a vital step in the process. Working without a contract or written agreement, can open you and your business to liability and does not provide you with leverage if you are subject to legal action. Always be prepared, you never know what may happen.

  • Business Manual

    In this section we will chat about all the things you can do to be the best manager and foster an amazing relationship with the newest member of your team.

  • Orientation

    Let’s welcome your new Virtual Assistant on board! It’s orientation time!

  • Communication

    Until this point, we have focused on finding your new wonderful and amazing virtual assistant (congrats, by the way!) – let’s take some time to explore how you can maintain this relationship.

  • How to Effectively Manage Someone Virtually

    We’ve been through a lot together and hopefully you have learned some super awesome things about finding, hiring, and managing a virtual assistant! There’s just one last aspect to go over – one that some might argue is the most important – management.


Charlene doesn’t really like talking about herself much - an introvert to the core! She does enjoy cats, wine, snuggly socks and can often be found at home under her duvet.

She has worked in administrative capacities for her entire career and is currently the owner of a small creative consulting business - Panache Consulting.

In her previous lives, she received a Bachelor's Degree in History
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